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We enhance individial beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalized service.

Our talented beauticians are ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.


Stylish hair cuts, gorgeous styling, incredible color services and best hair treatments. Choose your dream service!

Hair Trim AED 70

A haircut maintaining a style and shape you already have.


Little Princess Hair Cut AED 50

A haircut on a child age 10 & under.

Haircut (Starting from) AED 100

A haircut, trim or shape based on your dream style. The price may go up based on the length of your hair.

Wash & Dry AED 50

Using deep cleansing shampoo & dry your hair.

Blow Dry (Starting from) AED 100

Whether you want a classic, bouncy, or sleek blowout blow dry, we’ve got you covered.

Hair Color (Starting from) AED 300

An all-over application of a  hair color from roots to ends. 

Root Color AED 150

An application of hair color to the root area only. 

Roots Color Ammonia Free AED 200

An application of hair color formulated without ammonia to the root area.

Highlight (Starting from) AED 450

Multidimensional colored hair with streaks of a color that contrast with the base color.

Ombre AED 500

An application of hair color with a colour technique of seamless graduation from darker to lighter.



Hair Color Removal AED 300

Removing any artificial color pigment, but your natural pigment remains untouched.

Hair Treatments
K18 Hair Treatment AED 100-200

For short hair - AED 100, medium hair - AED 150 & long hair AED 200

Miracle Split End Treatment AED 200
Hot Oil Treatment AED 100
Moremo Hair Treatment AED 100
Keratin Treatment for Hair AED 500
Brazilian Blowout Treatment AED 750
Protein Treatment for Hair AED 500
Hair Mask AED 60


Beautiful makeup and face treatment services to be amazing with complete look.

Dermalogica Skin Care Clear Start AED 200
Dermalogica Anti-ageing AED 210
Dermalogica Acne Treatment AED 210
Dermalogica Spots Treatment AED 210
Dr Renaud Facial Mask AED 50
Dr Renaud Face Clean Up AED 100
Dr Renaud Facial Treatment AED 150
Dr Renaud Anti-wrinkle Treatment AED 175
Dr Renaud Oily Skin Treatment AED 200
Dr Renaud Anti-aging Treatment AED 200
Bleaching Neck AED 15
Bleaching Hands AED 30
Bleaching Feet AED 30
Bleaching Full Face AED 50
Eye Makeup with Eyelashes AED 100
Day Makeup AED 150
Party Makeup AED 200


Our highly trained and experienced beauticians specialize in the art of lash extensions, brow shaping, and waxing.

Permanent Eyelash Extension AED 300
Temporary Eyelash Extension AED 100
Eyelash Refill Touch Up AED 170
Eyelash Perming AED 100
Eyelash Tint AED 30
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Eyelash Removal AED 50
Full Face Threading With Brows AED 65
Full Face Threading Without Brows AED 50
Eyebrows Threading AED 25
Upperlip Threading AED 10
Eyebrow + Upperlip Threading AED 35
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Chin Threading AED 10
List Content
Forehead Threading AED 15
List Content
Neck Threading AED 20
List Content
Side Burns Waxing/Threading AED 10
List Content
Middle Eyebrow Threading AED 5
List Content
Full Body without Brazillian Waxing AED 220
Brazillian Waxing AED 70
Full Face Waxing including Brow AED 65
Full face w/out Brow AED 50
Bikini Line Waxing AED 30
Full Legs Waxing AED 70
Full Arm Waxing AED 40
Underarm Waxing AED 25
Nose waxing AED 10
Sensitive Waxing AED 15
Eyebrow Tint AED 30
Eyebrow Bleach AED 25
Eyebrows Threading AED 25
Middle Eyebrow Threading AED 5
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Get your nails done for great mood. Simple pleasures can make your weeks, not just day.

Manicure & Pedicure
Classic Manicure AED 50
French Manicure AED 55
Classic Pedicure AED 60
French Pedicure AED 65
Spa Manicure AED 70
Spa Pedicure AED 90
Little Princess Manicure AED 35
Little Princess Pedicure AED 40
Paraffin Treatment AED 60
Callus Treatment AED 30
Feet Mask AED 30
Polish Remove AED 5
Nail File AED 10
Ingrown Nail Treatment AED 25
Gel Nail Extensions
Gel Nail Extension AED 270
Gel Nail Extension & Gel Polish AED 300
Nail Extension Overlay AED 170
Gel Nail Extension - Overlay and Gel polish AED 200
Gel Nail Extension Refill AED 170
Gel Nail Extension Refill and Gel Polish AED 200
Gel Nail Extension Removal AED 50
Fake Nail Extension Only Glue and File AED 100
Gel Nails & Nail Art
Combo Gel Manicure & Pedicure AED 200
Gel Manicure AED 100
Gel French Manicure AED 110
Gel Pedicure AED 120
French Gel Pedicure AED 130
Polish Change - Gel Polish Removal AED 10
Polish Change - Classic AED 15
Polish Change - French AED 30
Gelish Polish Application - Hands AED 70
Gelish Polish Application - Feet AED 80
Nail Art Per Nail (Starting From) AED 10
Polish Hand and Foot AED 40


Pamper yourself with a customized massage and SPA services 

Classic Moroccan Bath AED 150
Whitening Moroccan Bath AED 170
Full Body Massage AED 150
Massage 10 Mins AED 30
Massage 15 Mins AED 45
Massage 20 Mins AED 60
Massage 30 Mins AED 90
Massage 60 Mins AED 180

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